La Diablada Pisco

Macchu Pisco was founded in 2006 by Melanie Asher and her sister Lizzie. Together the two have crafted an entirely new experience for discerning drinkers when they introduced this sublime spirit from Peru. Being Peruvian examples their piscos are distilled to bottling strength, which is highly unique. Nothing is added except the pure eau de vies is which are rested for between 1 and 3 years, making these liquids some of the most natural distillates in the world.

SKU's La Diablada Pisco Acholado and La Diablada Pisco Italia

La Diablada Pisco

Melanie has recently had the accolade of an appointment on Peru’s Global Council of Gastronomy, the first pisco producer to have this honour. All the grapes are supplied through an all female farming cooperative in the Ica Valley, making these piscos truly sustainable. Macchu Pisco achieves regular global awards for being the best base for making a pisco sour but this spirit is one of the most versatile in the world so go wild!

La Diablada Pisco Acholado

La Diablada Pisco is the world’s first vintage Peruvian (PGI) “acholado” style which uniquely uses the first pressing of quebranta, italia, torentel & moscatel grapes. La Diablada achieves what its Andean “devils” dance namesake implies, the spiciness of the demons and sweetness of the angels. Each bottle of La Diablada contains 20 lbs of grape & The 4 eau-de-vies are distilled once to proof and allowed to reach naturally to 40% through a 2 year resting period. La Diablada Pisco is a complex multi-layered liquid and whilst it fits into any classic pisco cocktail try replacing it in any vodka or gin cocktail.

Bottle Size: 70cl / 50cl
Country of Origin: Peru
ABV: 40%