Doppio Passo

Doppio Passo is a tribute to Carlo and Maria Botter who, together, founded our company in 1928, building it step by step, day after day, working together to achieve a shared goal - the best Italian red wine.
Two different but complementary personalities. In Puglia, in our Masseria Doppio Passo, as well as with all our partners, we work side by side, managing and controlling the entire production chain from the vineyards to the bottle.

SKU's Doppio Passo Primitivo

Doppio Passo Primitivo

Doppio Passo is a deep ruby red colour wine, tending towards amber with ageing. Regarding the nose, in youth it has fresh, varietal aromas that become more complex with time. On the palate, there are varietal characteristics such as blackberry, cherries and ripe fruits in general. A very interesting structure is achieved due to the good balance between the soft tannins and acidity.
It matches well with mature hard cheeses, roasted pork, beef steaks and all game dishes.

Bottle Size: 75cl
Country of Origin: Italy
ABV: 13%