Cortoisie Whisky Single Malt from France

Cortoisie Exhalation is a Single Malt Whisky distilled and aged in France. In its heart, the great plains are the main granary of Europe, where exceptional barley is produced. France has hundred-year-old oak forests from which the best quality barrels are produced, numerous peat bogs and abundance of pure water combined with a very mild climate perfect for the aging process. Everything here evokes the world of great malts and this idea comes reinforced by France's secular experience in the breeding of great spirits.

SKU's Cortoisie Whisky Single Malt

Cortoisie Whisky Single Malt

Cortoisie is a superb marriage of peppery, peaty & fruity notes. Aromas blend in harmony making a true example of balance leaving a rich, complex & seductive whisky.

Bottle Size: 70cl
Country of Origin: France
ABV: 43%